Farm to School

M. Saunders Wholesale Fruit and Produce is a participating produce distributor for the NH Farm to School Program.  As a member since the program's inception, M. Saunders understands its value and importance for our children.

The NH Farm to School (NHFTS) is a statewide program working to connect NH farms and schools. Farm to school connections enable schools to serve healthy, locally grown foods in their cafeterias; integrate farms, food, and nutrition into their curriculum; and explore food and agriculture-based learning opportunities.

Consider the benefits of participating in the NH Farm to School Project:

  • Flavor and Freshness: Food that is grown locally is fresher. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are generally fresher and taste better than those that have been shipped long distances.
  • Supports Local Agriculture:  Buying locally grown food helps the farms in the area to thrive. This in turn preserves our local open spaces and the rural landscape.
  • School Curriculum Enhancement: The NH Farm to School Program creates opportunities to incorporate nutrition and farming themes into the curriculum. Learning opportunities such as cooking, school gardening and visits to local farms are becoming more readily available.
  • Health & Nutrition: Getting a child involved in food, through gardening, farming or cooking makes it more likely they will adopt healthy long-term eating habits.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Supporting locally grown produce limits the number of resources needed to get food to your plate.

M. Saunders Wholesale Fruit and Produce is proud to be a part of the NH Farm to School Project. School tours are welcome if scheduled during working business hours.

If you are an educational institution looking to connect to a NHFTS Distributor, please give us a call at 603-692-0005.